September 19, 2015

Fun Times Had By All!

If you missed the insanity that was our Mystery Movie this month, it happens to be the very first movie I wrote up for this blog! Tim will have the poster up on his etsy shop sometime this week and if you made it out to the screening, thank you and we hope you had fun!

At the screening we also announced our theme for next month: Italian Horror! We're partnering with the Trylon in presenting Lucio Fulci is Rated X every Monday and Tuesday through the month of October at the Trylon microcinema! I'll be writing up each movie for the Trylon's blog Perisphere [Update: The posts will be on this blog while the Trylon's blog is on a short vacation!], and Tim designed and screen printed a poster that will be for sale at the Trylon.

But enough about next month! Next week is big enough with Trailer Trash Lives on Thursday the 24th @ 6:30 and a Super Secret Mystery Movie to follow that even we haven't seen, so we might all be in for some Deep Hurting...

Fun times ahead! Hope to see you all soon!!

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