July 28, 2016

From Sport to Silver Screen: Wrestlers

Wrestlers are the best at moving from sport to screen, I mean their sport is 50% acting anyway! And you know what that means... it's time for another list post!

Tyler Mane:
Better known to me as the guy who everyone hated on for being Sabertooth* in the first X-Men movie, but Tyler also got to be Michael Myers in the Halloween reboot. Which also likely got hated on a lot... (*I thought he was just fine as Sabertooth!)

Andre the Giant:
Andre was much better known as a wrestler than he was an actor, but being Fezzik in the Princes Bride will likely be what he's remembered for the longest. That and for being the image that Shepard Fairey paired with "OBEY".

Kevin Nash:
It might be pertinent to mention at this point that I know nothing of wrestling, but it seems to me that Nash is pretty legendary in the world of wrestling. Whether that means he's good or not I have no idea, but I only know him from Magic Mike and John Wick, two movies we love and love him in!

Jesse Ventura:
I was working at a Video Update the year that Ventura ran for governor and we could not keep Predator or The Running Man on the shelf. And somehow he still became our governor...

Randy Savage:
Another wrestler who'll be remembered for being a wrestler over his nominal acting run, but he'll also forever be the only part of Spider-Man that I remember.

Dave Bautista:
Before he was in Guardians of the Galaxy he was in Riddick and we can't wait to see what he does next! (Especially Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.!)

Rowdy Roddy Piper:
They Live might be one of my all time favorite movies, but let's not forget Piper was also the star of the epically weird Hell Comes to Frog Town.

The Rock:
Oh how I love the Rock. The first thing I think I saw him in was Pain and Gain, and I never looked back. If you've not seen Pain and Gain, you should fix that. Not only is it great, it also might be the only Michael Bay movie we recommend watching because it's good.

I could seriously go on and on! Maybe a second list is in order... Maybe.

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