July 2, 2016

Double Trouble: Good Movie List

As bad as things can get with split screens and delivering lines to no one, there are some pretty fantastic movies were actors play their own twin, here's some to cleanse your pallet with. Two of these we've seen, one have not, and two we wrote up previously!

Adaptation: Nicolas Cage plays both a fictionalized Charlie Kaufman and his fictional twin Donald Kaufman as they struggle to adapt the novel The Orchid Thief to a screenplay.

There Will Be Blood: Paul Dano plays both Paul and Eli Sunday in the epic tale of greed and morality.

Legend: Tom Hardy plays identical twin gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray, who in real life were two of the most notorious criminals in British organized crime.

Previously mentioned:

Dead Ringer: Betty Davis plays estranged twin sisters Margaret DeLorca and Edith Phillips who reunite at the funeral of Margaret's husband, whom she stole from her sister 20 years prior. Margaret's flippant attitude to her husband's death will drive Edith to murder and that's only the start of her problems.

Dead Ringers: Jeremy Irons plays Beverly and Elliot Mantle, private practise gynecologists who's barbiturate addiction (among other unnerving things) slowly undoes their sanity.

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