July 24, 2016

From Sport to Silver Screen: Plan 9 From Outer Space & Ed Wood

I did not think I was going to run into another pair of movies that strangely fit our theme so soon after the last time, but here I am. This time it's Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, and Tim Burton's Ed Wood.

Plan 9 From Outer Space:
There's little point in explaining the plot of an Ed Wood movie, but if you're unfamiliar, know that it's a disjointed sci-fi B-movie from 1959. As a director, Wood was known for a few trademarks including his casting of B-movie fave Tor Johnson. And although Tor was featured in many B-movies, his main gig was professional wrestling.

Ed Wood:
This movie is a quasi biopic of director Ed Wood and since Wood worked with Tor on three of his most infamous movies, he makes an appearance in this film as well. But Tor isn't played by just any old actor, he's played by George “The Animal” Steele who (as you might guess by his name) was also a professional wrestler. One with an uncanny resemblance to Mr Johnson.

I can't wait for to see what kind of movie turducken shows up for next month's theme!

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