July 6, 2016

Double Trouble: Timecop & Replicant

These two Jean-Claude Van Damme movies aren't strictly twin movies, but he does play multiples of himself in both and that's close enough for us!

Timecop: Max Walker, is a security officer for an agency that regulates time travel. He's tasked with stopping his ex-partner from using time travel to make money off the stock market. But when he returns to his present, he finds he must now fend for his life against a politician who's been using time travel to make billions so he can become president.

JCVD's dual rolls: Now, this would be the easiest JCVD movie to talk me out of calling a twin movie. Truly, he's playing one character in multiple time lines and not in any way his twin. But I just don't care! The time lines keep changing so it's just as likely that he's no longer the same person in any of them. So there.

Additional great things about this movie: It co-stars Mia Sara and Ron Silver, and is one of two back to back JCVD movies for director Peter Hyams, as the next year they did Sudden Death together.

Replicant: Edward Garrote (JCVD) is serial killer on the loose and the lead detective on the case is about to retire. To celebrate, Garrote has decided to kill the detective's mother. Detective Jake Riley's only choice now is to partner up with a secret government agency that has cloned the killer. Teamed up with Garrote's clone, Detective Riley will hunt down the killer in the strangest buddy movie ever conceived. (Except for Dead Heat.)

JCVD's dual rolls: Here JCVD plays the killer, Edward "The Torch" Garrote, and the clone of the killer. As the killer he's dark, bruiting and smart enough to be a killer on the loose. As the replicant he's basically an adult toddler. As far as JCVD movies go, this is actually a good one and if you haven't seen some of his later stuff, you should check this one out. 

Additional great things about this movie: Michael Rooker plays the detective, and replicant JCVD is a gymnast. Seriously, watch this movie.

That's a total of 4 JCVD movies that fit this month's theme, and that makes us very happy!

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