April 27, 2016

Knock Off Movies: Sudden Death

We watched this during our epic JCVD marathon and this one stands out, as JCVD is not the first actor you'd think would star in a movie that revolves around hockey...

The plot unfolds something like this: Die Hard with hockey.

But the real reasons you should watch: The cheese ball factor is high in this one as JCVD's character's kids are involved through the whole movie, Powers Boothe is a spectacular villain, there's an overly long fight between JCVD and the Penguins mascot, there's loads of hockey cameos (apparently), and people hang from a retractible dome!

Fun extra stuff we shouldn't know but do now: There is a novelization of this movie, and an audio book of said novel read by none other than Powers Boothe.

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