April 28, 2016

Knock Off Movies: Clones of Bruce Lee

There's a whole subgenre of knock off Bruce Lee movies often referred to as "Brucesploitation". They're not knock offs of any movie in particular, they're movies featuring knock offs of the actor himself. We've seen a couple, but this one we watched very recently.

The plot unfolds something like this: As the title implies, clones of Bruce Lee are made after Bruce Lee is rushed to the hospital in the moments after his death. His clones are then used to kill people, by some bad guy, or something...

Tasteless scene alert: The first 8 or so mins of this movie follow a fictional Bruce Lee to an ER where people are either gawking at him or are trying to save from certain death. Considering that this movie was intended to be viewed by fans of Bruce Lee, having them sit through their version of his death on screen seems like an obvious misstep to correct early on.

Why we thought it would be good: I mean there is Bolo Yeung, every known Bruce Lee look alike in one movie fighting each other, plus the trailer looks amazing!

What really happened: It seems like someone took three false start Brucesploitation movies and edited the fight scenes together with some mad scientist stuff and called it a day! (And sadly, that makes this movie sound more exciting than it is.)

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