April 26, 2016

Knock Off Movies: Starcrash

This movie's trailer was a huge hit during our first Trailer Trash screening, and through total happenstance Trash Film Debauchery screened the movie later that month and it sold out. I'm willing to bet that no one in attendance was disappointed.

The plot unfolds something like this: Convoluted Star Wars.

But the real reason to watch: This movie is insane from top to bottom, and not without spectacle. The sets and costumes are epic (on a budget), most of the women wear laughable amounts of "clothes", John Barry wrote the score, there's some pretty brazen re-use of effects from within the movie, and the actors slice the ham pretty thick. Oh! And there's a baby Hasselhoff!

But seriously: This movie is so beyond description, give it a watch yourself! The full movie might be available on youtube... just sayin'...

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