April 29, 2016

Knock Off Movies: Warriors of the Apocalypse

This movie takes you on an insane journey, starting out as a pretty straight forward apocalypse movie and ending up, well just watch the clip below:  

But the real reasons you should watch: I mean, laser-eye battle! And there's a whole group of people that keep getting killed only to come right back to life! But I'll let the description from the back of our bootleg totally legit DVD sell you:
     The world, now 150 year into the future, is ravaged from atomic war, and all that remains are groups of savage nomads, fighting for survival. A fierce and ferocious fighter lead one such group to the secret of eternal live - the Voodoo Mountain, ruled by the telepathic and voluptuous Princess Sheila from her rocket launcher-equipped throne, and her shapely Amazonian maidens clad in fur bikinis. 

How can you go wrong?: The above description makes 100% more sense than this movie ever does. This movie absolutely refuses to make sense while finding all kinds of new ways to be exploity and problematic.

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