October 26, 2016

Top Billing for Ten Seconds of Screen Time: Scream

Not unlike Psycho with Janet Leigh, every trailer for Scream focused heavily on Drew Barrymore's character and she was prominently featured on all the posters. Then she was [DECADES OLD SPOILER] killed in the first ten mins of the film. 

But unlike the intentional casting choice in Psycho, Barrymore was initially cast as the lead in Scream but was later forced to take a role with less screen time due to a conflicting commitment. Though the switch in rolls was for the better, as it leaves the audience feeling that literally anything could happen after the biggest star [SAME SPOILER] is killed before the movie even starts.

Scream and Psycho were also alike in the legacies they left. Where Psycho left an abundance of sophisticated horror movies in it's wake, Scream inspired a full on resurgence of the horror/murder-mystery genre. (They share some surprisingly good sequels in their respective franchises to boot!) 

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