October 4, 2016

Kids Playing Kids: Looper

Looper is one of those movies that we have to really pin people down to watch. Some people bristle at the mere mention Bruce Willis' name, others watched a trailer and were less than enthused. But we have yet to screen this movie for someone who didn't enjoy it, and most of those people list the kid's performance as one of the top reasons for loving it.

The plot unfolds something like this: In the future, time travel is real and immediately outlawed. But that doesn't stop mob organizations 30 years into the future from sending their hits back to present day 2044 to have them disposed of by contracted Loopers. Once a looper's 30 year contract runs out, the mob sends him back to be eliminated by his 2044 self. But lately, the loopers of the future are coming back with a deep desire to live, and that's when trouble starts.

Ok, but where does a kid come into this movie?: Well this is another genre mashing movie, sort of. The movie shifts gears pretty hard at one point, but never completely leaves behind it's original elements. In the second act Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character runs smack into Emily Blunt's character and her son, and the rest of the film focuses on the three of them.

The kid: Pierce Gagnon's performance stands out in a cast of seasoned actors. He's not just a precocious kid, he gives his character emotional depth that is compelling in every scene. There is no doubt that he will continue to have a career as long as he chooses to pursue it.

Bonus kid actor mention: Joseph Gordon-Levitt started acting when he was seven and hasn't slowed down since.

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