October 28, 2016

Top Billing for Ten Seconds of Screen Time: Black Eagle

Sometimes the top billed actor only gets top billing after they get famous, and Black Eagle is a great example of this. Many of the VHS and DVD covers feature Jean Claude Van Damme sharing top billing with Sho Kosugi suggesting they are the main stars of the film. In reality, Kosugi is the star, while JCVD plays the villain's main henchman. That's not to say Damme is completely absent in the film, but he's sure not the focus.

But, because this movie came out the same year as Blood Sport, the producers of the film must have decided to cash in on JCVD's new popularity. And based on the more recent releases (where Kosugi's involvement isn't even hinted at) this charlatan tactic seems to be working well for them...

But the marketing isn't the only after thought in this, mildly entertain, snooze fest. There's a scene near the end of the film, where JCVD and Kosugi face off, that seems really shoe horned in. JCVD is cut to over a long action sequence, but his actions don't seem to effect anyone until Kosugi shows up out of nowhere and the two men fight. After about 5 mins, Kosugi swan dives off a cliff face, leaving Damme to lick his wounds, and the incident is never mentioned again...

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