October 29, 2016

Top Billing for Ten Seconds of Screen Time: Godzilla (2014)

This movie under-delivers on two star fronts, but the most unforgivable of the two might be the serious lack of Bryan Cranston in the second half of the film. 

This came out while Breaking Bad was still in full swing, so you'd think that Bryan Cranston's character [SPOILER] wouldn't be killed off in the first half of the film. But he was, and it was done in a seriously anticlimactic way.

But Cranston's wasn't the only character with abysmal screen time. In this much anticipated kaiju, with not one but two epic monster foes for Godzilla to save us from, there is hardly any Godzilla on screen. There was a gentleman behind us that literally vocalized every time it seemed like Godzilla was going show up and save the day. He would say "oh, here we go!!!" or some such excited thing. But each time the words left his mouth, the scene would cut to something completely non-Godzilla related. Every. Time. The last such set-up and disappointment was too much for him as he didn't say anything when it was clear Godzilla was going to show, but when it cut away he exasperatedly yelled "COME ON!!", and everyone in the audience was 100% with him. 

It's one thing to tease an audience, it's entirely another to tease an audience with a Godzilla movie staring Bryan Cranston only to switch it out for a movie staring Aaron Taylor-Johnson featuring a special appearance by Godzilla.

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