August 25, 2015

All the things happen in town this week!

There's so much awesome stuff happing in town this week we had to tell you all about it! We don't have anything to do with these screenings but we couldn't let a week like this go by without bringing it to the attention of our fellow fans of cinema!

Tuesday August 24th
The Burbs, on The Happy Gnome patio, FREE, Starts @ Sundown.
presented by Trash Film Debauchery and Indeed Brewing Company.

Trash Films and Indeed Brewing have been screening movies on the patios of local bars all summer, and this week's flick is killer! If you haven't revisited this one since Rick Ducommum passed away a few months ago, you really should. Its a not only great movie but its one of his all time great performances.

Tomorrow Wednesday August 25th
Brain Damage at The Trylon Micro Cinema, 7pm, $5
presented by Trash Film Debauchery.

Made in between Basket Case and Frankenhooker by the incomparable Frank Henenlotter, Brain Damage fits between it's sibling movies in tone pretty well as a goofy-fun creature movie. Don't miss a chance to see this horror-comedy classic on the big screen in a room full of fans!

Friday August 28th -Sept 3rd
Turbo Kid at Theatres at Mall of America.

This movie looks INCREDIBLE! Made in 2014 to look like a post apocalyptic future perceived from the 80's, and looks to be a mashup of Mad Max and Rad. Theatres at MOA were able to get it for a week and are the only one in town. In fact we are one of a very limited number of cities to get it! (CAUTION: We've been told by a parent who's seen it, this is not a kid's movie.)

Saturday August 29th
Cinema in the Cemetery:
Santo y Blue Demon Contra Los Monstruos (Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters) at Pioneers and Soldiers Memorial Cemetery, FREE, Starts @ dusk.

There are soo many movies starring Santo its hard to keep them straight, but this one also stars Blue Demon and together they battle: The Mummy, Frankenstien, a Vampire, The Wolfman and a friggin' Cyclops!

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