August 16, 2015

Incident at Raven's Gate

This was a movie that could have been good but it didn't make enough sense. It skipped around between strange subplots, but didn't manage to reveal enough about each character for us to understand if people were being driven mad by forces outside of themselves or if the town was just full of crazy residents to start with. Also sub-plots were never played through so the hydroponic farmer's water being stolen was never explained and therefore it was never clear if he was just unstable, or actually being driven mad by this action, or if he was being affected by otherworldly forces. But, as bad as Incident at Raven's Gate was, it was never dull and it was always weird...

The plot unfolds something like this: Ex-con Eddie is helping on his brother's hydroponic farm when things start to get weird. Birds drop from the sky, people start acting strangely, and water is disappearing. In the midst of all this Eddie and his sister-in-law are pursuing a romance. Will they discover what's at the root of all this chaos or will they succumb to it like their unfortunate neighbors...

Was it aliens?: We couldn't even tell for sure if the movie was in fact about an alien encounter, aside from the implications in the movie title. The aliens didn't seem to terribly interested in being consistent (some water was worth taking, some not) or even showing themselves, but the government seemed to know what was going on as they showed up during the aftermath; if those were actually supposed to be government officials that is.

Reasons to watch: It doesn't fail to deliver on the strange-twist front, there's some nicely gruesome moments, and it's pretty fun to yell at!

You might recognize: Vincent Gil (Body Melt, Mad Max).

What we learned: If you want to make a movie about aliens visiting earth, you should probably mention aliens a few times...

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