August 20, 2015

Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000)

This is another genre mash-up movie with future prison and human hunting elements. This genre mash-up is made extra exciting when filmmakers actually shoot live rounds at the actors...

The plot unfolds something like this: Select inmates in a co-ed prison are given the opportunity to end their imprisonment. The only catch? A group of ultra-rich big game hunters have paid for the opportunity to hunt these potential free men and women. Who will come out triumphant in this game of cat and mouse?

Things to watch for: A chess set with pieces the size of house cats. Live ammo being fired at an actor hanging from a cliff face. Fun caricaturization of ultra-rich big game hunters. Lots of satisfying kills. A half man, half beast hunting partner who likes to eat toes.

Things to look away for: There's an unnecessary amount of sexual violence threatened on Olivia Hussey's character, though they (thankfully) don't follow through with any of it on camera.

Another Brian Trenchard-Smith movie: He has cornered the market on Ozploitation movies we love right now (Man from hong kong, BMX Bandits, Dead end drive in)

Yep that's: Olivia Hussey (Black Christmas), Steve Railsback (Lifeforce), Roger Ward (Mad Max, The Man from Hong Kong).

The UK to the rescue: Apparently the American and Australian release of Escape 2000 were pretty lackluster, but in the UK it was re-packaged as Blood Camp Thatcher (as a reference to the movie's prison warden Charles Thatcher and UK Prime Minister at the time Margaret Thatcher) and it made a killing.

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