August 19, 2015

Ozploitation movies worth checking out Pt 2.

Howling III: How do you spice up a dull werewolf franchise? Invent kangaroo werewolves! The second Howling installment was so supremely bad it makes us wonder how the third got green-lit (with the same director attached even). But that doesn't change the fact that now you totally want to see Howling III, like right now.

Things to watch for: A weremarsupial birthing scene were the filmmakers put a mouse in a tiny werewolf costume... or turn away for it, you know either way.

That movie was a book?!: Well, The Howling was a book trilogy, but it didn't feature were-marsupials.

You might recognize: Frank Thring (Ben-Hur, Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome, The Man from Hong Kong).

Chain Reaction: A nuclear waste storage facility suffers a breach after an earthquake and nuclear waste is headed straight for the ground water. One facility engineer knows the danger that thousands of people are in and is desperately trying to warn the public. However, his boss would rather just keep the whole thing quiet. Will the local towns people be warned in time?

Things to watch for: Countless car chases that go back and fourth between the town and a house just outside of town. This movie also has a pretty great synth score by Andrew Thomas Wilson.

This is basically: A car chase movie that won't admit it's a car chase movie.

Dark Age: A giant crocodile has developed a taste for people. A park ranger, along with some local guides, are sent to "deal" with it. But the local Aborigines believe this crocodile contains the spirit of their past. And also there's some local hunters ready to take matters into their own hands. ...I mean,  it's basically Razorback with a croc, and that's not a bad thing.

You might recognize: John Jarratt (Wolf Creek), Max Phipps (Thirst, Mad Max: Road Warrior), and David Gulpilil (Crocodile Dundee, Mad Dog Morgan).

That movie was a book?!: Yes it seems that Dark Age was based on Numunwari by Graham Webb.

The Cars that ate Paris: Small town of Paris, Australia has a strange secret. Its local economy runs entirely off of causing car accidents and then stripping them for scrap.

Things to watch for: Some fantastic car designs (including one that was clearly nodded to in Mad Max: Fury Road) and loads of great car stunts.

You might recognize: John Meillon (Crocodile Dundee, Wake in Fright), Melissa Jaffer (Mad Max: Fury Road), Bruce Spence (Mad Max: The Road Warrior, Mad Dog Morgan), and Terry Camilleri (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure).

From the director that brought you: Dead Poets Society, Green Card, and The Truman Show;
Peter Weir.

Body Melt: A new drug is being tested on local townspeople and there might be a few side effects...

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