August 15, 2015

BMX Bandits

This was a pretty straight forward 80s kids movie but it was pretty fun! Nicole Kidman was obviously interesting to watch in a role at the start of her career, but there were some other familiar faces from Ozploitation movies that were nice to see in a less gritty atmosphere. This is also an interesting departure for director Brian Trenchard-Smith, who had quite a few of our favorite Ozploitation films under his belt before this movie.

The plot unfolds something like this: A gang of criminals are planing the heist of a lifetime, but first they must obtain a box of police-issue walkie talkies. Meanwhile, some BMX-enthusiast kids are also on the look out for some quick cash after inadvertently getting their new friend (Kidman) fired from her summer job. She needs money for a new set of wheels, and her new friends have some ideas on how to get money quick. But when they find a box of expensive walkie talkies floating off a pier, their summer takes a turn for the dangerous...

Reasons to watch: Some genuinely fun new-friendship banter scenes, a couple of boys befriending a girl without making a huge deal that she is indeed a girl, some "sweet" BMX bike stunts, and the dimmest police force on the planet.

You might recognize: David Argue (Razorback), John Ley (Escape 2000, Mad Max), Bryan Marshall (The Punisher (1989)), and Nicole Kidman!

Now enjoy this supremely surreal interview with Nicole Kidman (be sure to watch it all the way to the end, you won't be sorry):

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