February 24, 2016

Eve of Destruction

This has been in our pile of options to watch every time we've had people over to watch movies since we played the trailer in the first Trailer Trash, but we only got around to watching it the other night. It's very possible we let this one build up too much...

The plot unfolds something like this: A surveillance android sent out on her inaugural test mission only to get damaged and haver her handler gets killed in the cross fires of a bank robbery. Eve is left completely alone to figure out what to do next. Having been modeled entirely after her creator, Eve sets out on her own mission to realize some of her creator's unrealized fantasies. Her creator and Gregory Hines are the only people who can stop her.

We wish it had been more exciting: That premise is kind of dull. Eve gets dolled up, hits a bar to pick up guys, hunts down "her" alcoholic father, and travels cross-country to see "her" kid and ex-husband. It's not the kind of thing that keeps you on the edge of your seat. (Oh, but at some point a nuclear bomb embedded in her spine is accidentally armed, so there's at least some kind of tension.)

Not for lack of trying: Gregory
Hines and Renée Soutendijk are pretty energetic with their characters, and there's some fun action and explosions throughout.

What we wish: If the original mission had been important in some way (rather than an inane test) there could have been some exciting tension in this flick.

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