February 26, 2016


Ok, full disclosure here? This is not one of our favorite movies. THERE WE SAID IT! It's not terrible, we don't hate it, Tim still wants to give it one more watch, and we have lots of friends that love this film, so here's our thoughts on the matter.

The plot unfolds something like this: A salvage sculptor is about to get an intense surprise when her latest work comes to life after unwittingly using a part from an ultra-smart killer robot. Once it charges it's batteries, all hell will break loose.

Rock and roll cameos: Lemmy and Iggy Pop show up as a cabbie and radio DJ respectively.

Things to watch for: Genuinely unique set and costume design throughout the movie. Lots of great pyrotechnic stunt work. The over all mood of the film is something you won't find in many movies of the same time period. Really, not many studios were putting out movies like this in the early 90s.

The writer/director: Richard Stanley was in his early 20s when he directed this film, and that's pretty impressive all things considered.

Stealing from comics: Stanley did lose a suit that claimed he borrowed heavily from this comic, though that comic is horrible and pretty misogynistic where Hardware is not, the basic story is very similar.

 What we learned: You can't please everyone all the time.

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