February 23, 2016


Oh boy, this one hurt. The box sounded good (Bruce Campbell, Walter Koeing, plus it won some kind of participation award, they don't just hand those things out!) but there wasn't a lick of sense made through the whole film. It was full of action and lots of stuff happens, but none of that stuff is tied together in any meaningful way.

The plot unfolds something like this: After ten mins of stock footage of the Apollo 11 Moon mission, we are introduced to sentient machine creatures that try and fail to capture Apollo's Lunar Module. The robot creatures wait patiently for someone to return with that bit of equipment.

Sounds simple, but there's more: Astronauts Grant (Koenig) and Tanner (Campbell) are on a non-disctipt mission that takes them near the Moon. While nearing the dark side of the Moon they discover a GIANT derelict spaceship and are ordered to check it out. (How people couldn't see something that size from earth, we'll never know.) They bring back a small football-shaped thing and a skeleton (that happens to float by while Grant is outside the ship) back to Earth with them. Once actually on earth, the "football" cracks open and a small robot jumps out. It uses the materials around it (including that skeleton) to build itself into a huge robot. Then it wreaks havoc for about 9 mins before it's destroyed and then a recon mission to the Moon is planned. And if you think I'm giving a bunch of stuff away, that's just the first 20 mins of the movie.

Reasons to watch: For a painful movie, there's a lot of action making it an entertaining painful. There's some pretty neat effects. And Bruce Campbell in his prime!

Movies it likely inspired: Promethius. There's actually a scene where the astronauts enter a room, on the Moon, and take their helmets off. Just like a real astronaut would!

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