February 27, 2016


Now the tire from Rubber is obviously not a machine, but it fits the theme enough for us! Also Rubber is one of those weird-with-heart movies we really like, and this is an excuse to talk about it!

The plot unfolds something like this: Um... ok, so...uh... Ok, there's a tire, and people in the desert are watching it... and....

There's no reasonable way to explain this movie: Rubber doesn't have a traditional plot. Things happen and are connected, but the narrative breaks so many rules it's really hard to explain.  Attempting to explain this movie is kind of like trying to explain Cyriak, and the best way I've seen that described was thusly: Sometimes, I suspect that [Cyriak] is the internet, trying to communicate with us in a language it thinks we understand. Watching Rubber (and most of Quentin Dupieux's movies) is like watching film attempt to communicate with us using it's own language.

The director on the subject of Rubber: "I hate movies that are only stupid, all the time, or only smart," he said "I hate it. I like when everything is mixed together. Life is not only one thing. You can be happy but at the same time have strange feelings. It's exactly what I'm trying to do, and I want to be very smart but very stupid. I want to be everything at the same time." [source]

Why we love it: It's weird, funny, self aware, and has an amazing soundtrack. It's a horror movie, but also a faux-heady avant–grade film that never takes itself too seriously.

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