February 4, 2016

Well That Was Unexpected...

Going into this week we were gonna be pretty excited if 40 people came to our first Trylon screening. Instead, we sold the place out before the doors even opened! You people are the BEST!! Even if you came down and didn't get in, thank you so much for your support. Seriously, we are taken aback and full of gratitude.

But we do feel bad for anyone who came down and was met with a "sold out" sign, so if you're coming to a screening in the future, please buy ticket ahead of time on the Trylon website. (If tickets are getting close to selling out a count down will appear and they have an email reminder option for screenings further out!) Also, if you got into the screening but didn't get buttons, we're so sorry! We really didn't think we were going to sell out the place on our first night. But we're going to be better prepared for next month. BUTTONS FOR EVERYONE!!

If you bought a poster, t-shirt, or a membership; thank you so much!!! We're excitedly planning the goodies for next month because of your enthusiasm. If you're kicking yourself for not picking up something at the show, everything is available on Tim's Storenvy page!

And lastly, we're so glad you all had fun! We set the bar pretty high but we like to start off the year with a bang because winter is HARD. Next month's movie will be a new flavor of weird, so stay tuned for clues all this month!

I think that's all, and I have really gone crazy with the exclamation points, so please enjoy these photos from the night and know were super excited for the next few months!

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