September 29, 2016

Kids Playing Kids: Attack the Block

This is one of our favorite movies of the last few years. We saw sneak preview and we've since shown it to as many people as we can because this movie is amazing 30 ways from Sunday. Lucky you, the Trylon is screening this modern gem October 23rd-25th so you can see how fantastic it is first hand!

The plot unfolds something like this: Aliens seem to be attacking a South London council estate on Bonfire Night.* The resident of the estate are none the wiser except for a close-knit group of young friends, their weed hook-up, one of his clients, and a young nurse that the close-knit friends attempted to mug earlier in the night. It's up to them find way to save South London, and very possibly the world...

*American translation: Aliens seem to be attacking a South London public housing high-rise on a holiday that is celebrated like the 4th of July.

Watch it if you like: The Goonies, Shaun of the Dead, The Lost Boys, Alien.

The kids: Every single kid in this movie gives a stellar performance, the youngest of them often steeling scenes. This is also John Boyea's first film!

The social commentary: This movie is brimming with commentary, not the least of which highlights the boys who spend the whole movie trying to be more adult than they are by putting into context of how old they actually are. But it also touches on race, casual racism, systemic racism, class, and more.

But what else have they been in?: Franz Dramen was in Edge of Tomorrow (aka Live Die Repeat) and John Boyea was in this little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you might have heard of it.

Catch Attack the Block at the Trylon October 23rd-25th!

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