September 1, 2016

Mindless Action Movies: Ozploitation List

These fit the tone of our movie this month as they are all exploitation action movies. However these are all specifically Ozploitation exploitation, and the Australians are really good at mindless action, especially when there are cars involved.

Chain Reaction: A nuclear waste storage facility suffers a breach after an earthquake and nuclear waste is headed straight for the ground water. One facility engineer sees the danger and tries to save the thousand of people in harms way, however his boss would rather just keep the whole thing hush-hush. This movie is at it's core a car chase movie, though it tries desperately to convince you otherwise. Bonus: it has a killer score!

Stunt Rock: A sort-of mockumentary about stunt man Grant Page and the theatrical hard-rock band Sorcery. You'll see a trailer for this gem at this month's screening, but allow me to explain it a bit without ruining a single second of that: This movie was literally made to highlight the unrivaled stunt man that is Grant Page, the band is a total after thought to tie the movie together. This is a movie made of pointless action, frosted with ridiculous band antics.

Man From Hong Kong: I have written about this movie before and I don't often say this but, you really should just check out that post. There's too much so much to say and I've already said so much of it!

Turkey Shoot: A human hunting movie mashed up with an exploitation prison movie, this one's got it all. (I also wrote about this one before, if you're interested.) Over the top characters, asinine plot points, and actors in actual danger while filming. It's not to be missed.

Bonus movie:
Mad Max: There are few Ozploitation movies that reach the action heights that Mad Max does, though this movie isn't so much mindless perse, but you can tune in and out and still enjoy it.

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