September 3, 2016

Mindless Action Movies: The Expendables 2

If ever there was a movie franchise made for mindless consumption it's The Expendables. And although we haven't seen the third installment (for shame, we know) it's the second in the franchise that has our hearts. It's pretty much a slash/shoot/blow 'em up action fest with little to no memorable plot, and that's a-ok with us. Plus Jean Claude Van Damme is the villain, Jean Vilain. (No seriously, that's the name of his character! This movie has absolute zero shame.)

 The cast:

I mean seriously, how can you go wrong?
Our fave is problematic: Better to it's women than the first installment (which is not saying much), it still has it's problems. Like for instance, is there a woman in this movie? If so, where is she in the promo material? Oh there she is, on her very own super special separate poster. (I mean, I love Adkins, but does he need to be in the main promo material? Does anyone who's not seen a 2000s JCVD movie even know who he is?)

How many times did we see this movie in the theater: Only once. But we saw it at the drive in at lease three more times! And we're not even sorry.

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