September 4, 2016

Mindless Action Movies: Death Race 2000

(Spolier!! If you've not seen this one yet, don't watch any trailers...)

Like a lot of people, I first heard of this movie when people who were older and cooler than me started pointing at pedestrians out a car window while assigning point values. And although it could be argued there is a social commentary in this film, it's pretty shallow. The main reasons to watch it is the total fucking carnage.

The plot unfolds something like this: In the year 2000 the streets are opened for an annual free for all, cross country, death race. Each contestant must score points by killing pedestrians while also winning the race... or something... But each contestant must also have a ridiculously themed driver and navigator team with an equally ridiculously coordinating car. (We assume that's in the rules, it's universally followed, so if it's not it's kinda weird...) With the entire country tuned in, the stakes are high and the competition is cut throat. Let the blood bath games begin!

Things to watch for: Asinine car designs, asinine costumes, asinine characters, asinine plot, asinine contest rules... But also, the worlds most annoying television host, a babyfaced Sylvester Stallone, a smoking hot Mary Woronov, loads of gory deaths and car stunts.

We would like to thank this scene for containing
as many mostly naked men as it does women. 

Some things that were possibly influenced by this movie: Hunger Games, The Purge, Mad Max, Running Man.

Spoiler Alert: The original trailers for this film give away a major spoiler from the film which leaves me wondering, why? I'm pretty sure the Corman knew he was going to have to reveal that David Carradine was in the film (as Kung Fu was in full swing and he would have some box office draw) in the trailer, so why make his character the one with a big reveal? 

He get's his, don't worry.

Bouns: Everything Wrong With was challenged by Roger Corman to EWW one of his movies, that challenge was pretty amazingly met.

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