September 5, 2016

Mindless Action Movies: The Raid

Nothing washes a bad day away like watching this movie, it's so satisfyingly wall-to-wall action! We first saw The Raid as a bootleg a co-worker lent us and the dubbing was a little... off. Clearly it was a DIY job by the bootlegger, but they didn't have a full grasp on how to translate Indonesian to English. There were a few key points where the subtitles suddenly were in what I assume to be Indonesian and plot points that revolved around things like animal hospital drugs... Though it did make for an interesting watch, were happy when we could buy it on DVD with professional translators supplying the subtitles!

The plot unfolds something like this: A group of tactical police officers are on their way to raid an apartment complex run by a notorious drug lord. Halfway to the top floor, the drug lord finds out they're in the building and offers free housing for life to the person who brings him an officer's head. The games begin.

Sounds familiar: Anyone who's also seen Dredd might think that one of these films ripped off the other, but that's not true. They were filming simultaneously on completely different continents, completely unaware of the other's existence. And even though the physical landscape of each film is similar, each is very much so a different movie and both are in our top five favorite action movies.

The action: This movie is the definition of non-stop. There is little story here, but that's only because they didn't leave any time to give you any.

The sequel: The Raid 2: Berandal is also very good. Not nearly as mindless, but just as action packed and about 100x more stylish.

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